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Logo / Graphic

In this area you can insert a logo in your layout or you can exchange an existing logo with another one.




You have 2 options to insert a logo:

1. Logo library

Click the button "Logo library" to select from a large variety of logos.

2. Upload Logo

Use the "Upload Logo" button, to upload your own logo or image. The recommended graphic attributes are: BMP, min. 300 dpi, 1 Bit color depth. This will assure you the highest quality finished product. You can find further information and possible formats here.
To delete a logo, click here logographic_2.jpg.

Logo Size:

To adjust the size of a logo, move the scaling slider in the desired direction, or use the +/- buttons to change the size in smaller increments.

Logo Positioning:

In the "Logo positioning" area there are 9 buttons you can use to quickly position the logo within your layout.

Fine Positioning:

Use this option, if you want to position the logo more precisely. Click the direction of the arrow, where you want to position the logo. CAUTION: If you the push a button for "Logo positioning", you will loose your "Fine Positioning" settings.

Video Tutorial - How can I insert a logo to my layout?

Get Microsoft SilverlightGrafik_Logo upload EN.wmv