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Graphic Recommendations

The quality of your graphic/logo is important for the quality of the final layout. To highest quality impression, please note the following recommendations concerning the file you want to upload:
Recommended graphic characteristics:
  • File format: Bitmap (BMP)
  • Resolution: 300 to 600 dpi
  • Colors: 2 colors (black/white) - 1-Bit color depth
Possible graphic file formats:
BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Macintosh Pict PCT, Paintbrush PCX
furthermore: CLP, DIB, EMF, IFF, LBM, MSP, PBM, RAS, WPG
Make sure, that the file size is smaller than 8 MB!
For one color impressions, colors in your graphics will be converted to black and white. If you select another ink color than black, the whole impression (text+logo) will be converted to this color.
Graphics in Multi Color impressions:
For Multi-Color Impressions, the recommendation for the graphic files are the same. The graphic in MCI layouts can have a different color than the text.
For Experts:
You can upload a production ready MCI impression layout, as long as you use valid MCI colors.
Please read our Multi-Color section.
Multi-Color graphics may only use the following colors (RGB):
  • BLACK (RGB: 0,0,0)
  • RED (RGB: 226,0,60)
  • BLUE (RGB: 0,94,168)
  • GREEN (RGB: 0,154,133)
  • SQUIRREL GREY (RGB: 134,142,147)
  • ZINC YELLOW (RGB: 255,221,0)
  • SIGNAL YELLOW (RGB: 253,196,0)
  • DEEP ORANGE (RGB: 234,101,13)
  • CARMINE RED (RGB: 205,0,57)
  • TRAFFIC PURPLE (RGB: 197,0,123)
  • LIGHT BLUE (RGB: 0,177,230)
  • SKY BLUE (RGB: 0,140,208)
  • VIOLET (RGB: 56,55,140)
  • YELLOW GREEN (RGB: 134,190,96)
  • ORANGE BROWN (RGB: 195,100,61)
with a white Background (RGB 255,255,255)
If your graphic has non-valid colors – it will be automatically converted to black.

Please note that many graphics formats use intermediate colors to smooth the edges (anti-aliasing).
Such edges that also contain non-valid colors and the graphic will be converted to black.
To save your graphic with a color-palette may help to avoid that problem.