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Select a Template

If you choose a custom product you will be brought to the template page.

A. Templates

Here you can choose an "empty template" and create your own or select one of the pre-defined editable templates which can help you design your layout.
Empty Template
Using an "empty template" allows you to create your layout from scratch. You can insert your text, choose a font type and size, insert logos or add borders - all while previewing your custom layout.
Existing Templates
If there are existing templates for your product, you have the option to choose one of these. The next step allows you to edit the template. You can change text, font sizes, images and borders until you are satisfied with the design of your layout.

B. Product Variation

In this area you can define and change the variables for your product (Example: Product Color)

C. Upload finished layout

If you already have a file containing your finished layout, you can upload it here. In the next step you will be taken directly to the shopping cart. You will not be able to edit the file you are submitting. We will receive the uploaded file as an attachment and process your order based on this information. If we have any questions we will contact you directly.